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I am constantly on the lookout for TV Aerial and Satellite products that are of good design and construction.

Over the years I’ve often been able to source good quality equipment which are leaders in their field.

For example, the TV wall plate and TV coax plugs I supply and install are almost industrial in their quality and design but cost virtually the same as the competition so they are extremely good value too.

I know from experience, so long as a good quality TV Aerial is correctly fitted a call from a customer who experiences reception related problems years later is unlikely to have an issue regarding the TV Aerial but much more likely have picture breakup or pixelation due to wall plates and outlet sockets, coax and coax plugs rather than the TV Aerial itself. These, often overlooked items are frequently the source of a breakdown in signal and a weak link between the signals path from the Aerial on the roof to the TV in the lounge, especially as time and the years go by.

I’ve found that by using good quality products, such as those i’ve described above will dramatically reduce or even eliminate these sources of potential reception problems in the future.

The following are just a few examples of some but not all of the items which I stock and carry on my van

Wideband Digital TV Aerial
High gain wideband Digital TV Aerial
FM Radio Aerial

 Three element directional FM Radio Aerial


DAB Radio Aerial

Five element DAB Radio Aerial

Sky Dish with single LNB
45cms standard Sky dish
Sky Remote Control
This remote was made for the first Sky Digital box launched in 1998 and is still in use today. This remote will not operate either the Sky plus or Sky HD box.                           
Sky Plus Remote Control
This is a sky plus remote and although it looks similar to the Sky HD remote control (below) it will not work all of the functions on a Sky HD box.
Sky HD Remote Control
This is a SKY HD remote and although it looks similar to the Sky Plus remote (above) it will not work all of the functions on a Sky plus box. 
Sky Magic eye
A SKY Magic Eye allows you to have full control over your SKY, SKY PLUS or SKY HD box from anywhere it’s fitted. It’s often used to control Sky from a bedroom or kitchen TV   
Quad LNB
This LNB, as it’s name suggests allows up to 4 Satellite, Freesat or Sky satellite receivers to be connected and work independently / simultaneously together. It can be made to fit any existing standard Sky dish.
Octo LNB
This LNB, allows up to 8 Satellite, Freesat or Sky satellite receivers to be connected and work independently / simultaneously together. It can be made to fit any existing standard Sky mini dish.
Coax Plug
This is the screw on Coax Plug, Far superior to standard 4 piece plug and unlike the standard, old fashioned coax plug it can be re-used again and again.
Wall Plate
In my 25 plus years this is by far the best wall plate I ever seen or used. It’s almost industrial in it’s design and construction and so it should last a lifetime.

Coax coupler

This Coax Coupler is used to couple to lengths of coax together using Coax Plugs
F Connector
The F connector is a coaxial RF type connector used for terrestrial TV & Cable networks, it’s universally used for Satellite/Sky TV connections.
F coupler
This F barrel coupler is used to couple two lengths of coax together using F Connectors.
TX 100 Coax cable
This is a modern foam filled high quality low loss TV and Satellite coax. Available in Black or White
Scart Lead
The Scart lead is used to connect audio/video equipment to your TV. 
High-definition multimedia interface cables are the primary cables used to pass high-definition digital video and audio data to your TV.
Galvanized wall bracket with small u bolts
This is a standard 6″ wall bracket but I keep on the van and in stock larger sizes of this wall bracket, up to 18″
Galvanised T & K bracket
T&K brackets are often used for Aerial and Satellite dish installations which require wall mounting where there is a roof overhang etc. I keep on the van a 12″ but always keep in stock 18″and 24″ versions.
Galvanised chimney bracket
This is a standard 6″ chimney bracket with U bolts, J bolts, corner brackets and steel lashing wire. Normally used for mounting TV Aerials and very occasionally a satellite dish on a chimney.
Steel Poles
Steel poles, from 1 inch through to 2″ in diameter and from 5′ up to 10′ in length.


Picture breaking up?

Missing some channels?

Sky magic eye not working?